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Let's skip all the fluff and just tell it like it is -- the PTSv is the most advanced trolling motor ever built.  With five sonar transducers in the lower unit, the PTSv can automatically track bottom contours for true, hands free fishing.  It can follow a specific depth, creek channel or shoreline.  Its digital tracking module is fully sealed to guard against moisture intrusion, shock and vibration to ensure long-lasting performance.  If you demand pinpoint accuracy in your structure fishing, then PTSv is the motor for you.


  • Digital power from 82 to 105 pounds of thrust with 24- or 36-volt power options.
  • Built-in 128x64 pixel LCD display gives instant access to digital depth, temperature and motor settings.
  • Completely sealed Digital Steering and Tracking modules are protected from heat, moisture, corrosion and shock, greatly improving durability.
  • Automatic Creek Track, Shore Track, and Depth Track for pinpoint structure fishing.
  • Effortless manual operation with high speed servo-positioning digital steering.
  • 180 Feature allows you to fish back through good water with the push of a button.
  • Ultra-quiet, efficient lower unit design gets you closer to the fish.
  • Machete III Prop is quieter and faster for the ultimate in fish catching power.
  • Built-in Sonar Network with 240kHz transducers plug directly to any Pinpoint Sonar Display for interference free operation.
  • Gator Spring Mount extruded out of aircraft aluminum for lightweight durability.


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