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Mercury/Mariner Service Advisory

Break In Procedure 3.0 Litre - Models Affected

Mercury/Mariner 1999 225/250 HP, 3.0 Litre ( Carb/EFI )
The break-in procedure for any outboard to ensure proper performance and maximum life, it is even more critical for the higher horsepower 3.0 Litre outboard. Analysis of failures has indicated that some engine failures may have occurred due to incorrect engine break-in. The following break-in procedure allows the internal engine parts to wear-in evenly.

Procedure Change

Use a 25:1 (4%) gasoline oil mixture in your fuel tank for the first 30 gallons (114 Litres) of fuel during the break- in period. This mixture combined with oil from the oil injection system will supply the required break-in lubrication, during this critical period. The rich oil mixture used during break-in may cause excessive smoking. After the break-in mixture has been used, it is no longer necessary to add oil to the gasoline.

First hour of operation:

  • Allow engine to warm up for 30 to 60 seconds
  • Avoid continuous operation at idle speed for more than ten minutes
  • Run the engine the majority of the time between 3000 and 4500 RPM, approximately three quarter throttle
  • Vary engine speed; change engine speed approximately every 2 minutes
  • Avoid trimming the outboard out (up) beyond a vertical trim position during operation
  • Short bursts of full throttle for periods up to 10 seconds are acceptable
  • Next three hours of operation
  • Change engine speed every 10 minutes

*Note: it is the drivers responsibility to always drive in a safe manner. Improper trim angle of the outboard at speed can be difficult and dangerous. The purpose of specifying trim angle is to guide the operator in determining how to put the proper load on the engine. They are intended to be guidelines and do not suggest or require unsafe boat operation.

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