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Hi-Performance Parts and Accessories

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Holley Marine Carbs

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Holley Marine Renew Kits


Weiand Pro-Marine 142 & Pro-Marine 177
Holley's Weiand Pro-Marine superchargers are the most efficient and effective way to achieve a substantial gain in horsepower and torque for your Chevrolet V-8 inboard or MerCruiser stern-drive powered boat. Extra power is available and it's always there when you need it, whether it's pulling up water skiers, reaching plane quickly or anytime you need to accelerate quickly. Although it is mechanically belt-driven off the crankshaft, the supercharger generates boost only when the throttle is opened sufficiently to induct a significant volume of air and fuel. The Weiand brand Pro-Marine supercharger series is so proven and dependable that MerCruiser specified their HP 525SC high performance stern-drive package be equipped with this system.
Pro-Marine supercharger kits can be ordered for both the small block and big block Chevrolet V-8 engines and they're available with either the standard satin finish or a custom, highly-polished finish.

Due to the wide variety of installation possibilities it may be necessary to contact the Holley Technical Services Department for personalized application information.

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142 Small Block/Steel 3V 10-Rib 6514 6516
142 Small Block/Aluminum 3V 10-Rib 6517 6519
177 Big Block Oval Port/Steel 3V 10-Rib 6524 6526
177 Big Block Oval Port/Aluminum 3V 10-Rib 6527 6529
177 Big Block Rectangular Port/Steel 3V 10-Rib 6534 6536
177 Big Block Rectangular Port/Aluminum 3V 10-Rib 6537 6539
256 Big Block Rectangular Port/Steel 3V 16-Rib 6544 6546
256 Big Block Rectangular Port/Aluminum 3V 16-Rib 6547 6549
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Hi-Performance Parts and Accessories

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